"I'm a sweaty, lower-half Canadian." --- Brendan Fraser
Written by Tracy Behr

It's been nonstop entertainment at the YH studio!   We've had fantastic and fun guests coming by, including Columbus Short, Tracy Morgan, Angela Kinsey, Brendan Fraser, James Van Der Beek, Debi Nova, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz, Meatloaf, Alyssa Milano, Busy Phillips, Macy Gray and a whole lot more.

This week's studio secrets take you behind-the-scenes at the YH studio with comedic stars Tracy Morgan, Angela Kinsey and Brendan Fraser.

Funny lady Angela Kinsey from "The Office" (one of my all-time favorite shows) came by, and yes, she is just as hilarious in person as you'd expect.   After almost knocking over her bottle of smartwater while prepping for the interview, she apologized for almost "tearing the place down," then looked around the studio, a little confused.   She was curious to find out from our set designer how we were able to completely re-furnish a 3-room hotel suite for just one day of interviews.   "Lights that look like African drums?   Check."   When we told her it was actually our brand new permanent studio, she couldn't believe we were here to stay. "Fantastic!"   I was also excited to find out that she's a fellow Texas native, so we wanted to boast our Texas pride but it didn't seem to go too well" ¦ Peace sign = Hook "ËœEm Horns?   Oops" ¦ at least we tried.  

If you could look up the definition of a true entertainer, Tracy Morgan's face should appear.   From the minute he walked in the door with excitement and energy, he was blown away by our chill and edgy vibe. "Daamn now THIS is a party!" he said while checking out the space.   I couldn't tell you what else came out of his mouth from that point on except that he had us all in hysterics from beginning to end.   Out of control.   Thanks for a great interview Tracy, you rock!!

Brendan Fraser (Angela Kinsey's co-star and lead for the film "Furry Vengeance") stopped by the studio.   Super nice guy!   With cameras coming at him from all angles, he decided to have a little fun with it and grabbed our flip to shoot some of his own behind-the-scenes footage.   Best part of the whole thing was his quote on how he would describe himself: "I'm a sweaty, lower-half Canadian."   Enough said.

Check out the video to see these ridiculous moments in action!

More to come...