Joel and Benji Madden at the YH Studio
"It is always nice when people want to talk about music. It is our lives." --- Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte
Written by Tracy Behr

This week's Studio Secrets:   YH takes you behind the scenes at the studio with Good Charlotte, Brian McKnight, and Mohombi.

Brothers Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte are back in action with their newest album, "Cardiology." The Madden brothers chilled out with us at the YH Studio talking about their passion for music and how the business has changed since they first came on the scene.   We also jammed along with the Maddens as they gave us an amazing acoustic set, performing some of their recent hits including "Like it's her birthday."   Check it out!

Brian McKnight loved the "ultra modern" vibe of the studio and enjoyed his time hanging out at the Four Seasons with YH.   What could be better?   Check out the behind-the-scenes with the McKnight!

Get ready for Mohombi" ¦ it's gonna be a bumpy ride" ¦ but an exciting one to say the least!   Lady Gaga's super producer RedOne (who we also recently hung out with at the studio) is working to create some incredible sounds with Mohombi, his newest artist to hit the scene.   Mohombi's catchy song "Bumpy Ride" and new video alongside Nelly will no doubt keep you moving and grooving.   Check out some behind-the-scenes of Mohombi at the studio!

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