"It was like a spiritual experience..." --- Natasha Bedingfield performs her hit songs at the YH Studio
Written by Tracy Behr


This week's Studio Secrets: YH takes you behind the scenes at the studio with Natasha Bedingfield, David Archuleta, and Kris Allen.


If you ever were (or still happen to be) a fan of MTV's The Hills, then you definitely sing along to every lyric of Natasha Bedingfield's theme song, "Unwritten." Well, The Hills might be done with its prime”¦ but Natasha is smack in the middle of hers. The playful blonde Brit gave us a fabulous photo shoot, interview, and intimate acoustic performance singing her catchy hit, "Unwritten" and her latest single, "Strip Me." Check out the video below to get an up close and personal peek!


David Archuleta, the always-smiling past runner up on American Idol, stopped by the YH Studio to talk about his awesome new album, "The Other Side of Down" and how his killer voice, determination, and a touch of Idol luck got him to where he is now.


We were excited to hang out with another American Idol winner, Kris Allen, at the studio and get a private acoustic performance of his new single, "Alright With Me." Watch the video to hear a glimpse of his new song, and don't forget to watch the full interview on YH!



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