"Doin it big... it's goin down." (at the YH Studio) -- Ice Cube
Written by Tracy Behr

This week's Studio Secrets:

Debi Nova spicing up the Latin music scene

Watch out Shakira... there's a hot new artist who can also shake those hips Latina style!

Debi Nova is no doubt on the fast track to superstardom.   The Costa Rican bombshell appeared on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" for a special performance of her catchy hit song, "Drummer Boy," (which scored her a standing ovation!) and she was also invited to perform on FOX hit "So You Think You Can Dance."

Check out Debi in our studio trying on some Young Hollywood hats... from Latina to straight up hood.


Trevor Donovan and Jessica Lowndes prep for the interview

We were excited to have Trevor and Jessica come by the YH studio, two of the hottest stars on the hit series "90210."   We got some behind-the-scenes footage as they helped each other out while prepping to remember their scenes from some of the episodes – check it out!


Alyssa Milano and Ice Cube

Check out some sneaking into the bathroom action as Alyssa Milano gets her hair and make-up touch ups done before the interview...

And Ice Cube...the title says it all - a quick shoutout from the rap star, actor, businessman and true media mogul.

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