Zach Levy at the YH Studios
"I, personally, am going to start living in that room. I always wanted to live in a hotel." --- Zachary Levi
Written by Tracy Behr

This week's Studio Secrets:   YH takes you behind the scenes at the studio with Zachary Levi, Audrina Patridge, and Helio Castraneves.

We all want to feel like VIP's in some way, right?   Well Zachary Levi figured out the best way he can become that guy.   All he'd have to do is move into the Four Seasons – preferably into the 3rd room of our YH Studio suite – and wala.   As if starring in the hit series Chuck and upcoming Disney film, Tangled, isn't enough to make him feel important.   OK, he was kidding... but in theory it would be a dream come true, wouldn't it?   Check out what other suggestions he had for our studio behind-the-scenes in the video below!

Audrina Patridge may be done with The Hills and Dancing with the Stars, but she's definitely not stopping there.   The busy girl came by YH to give us the scoop on all the exciting new projects she's working on, plus some interesting style tips for fall fashion!

Race car driver and former Dancing with the Stars champ, Helio Castraneves, was all friendly smiles when he walked into the YH Studio to tell us about his new book, Victory Road: The Ride of My Life, and other cool things he's been up to.   Check out what he says about his first YH studio experience!