Ian Somerhalder YH Studios
"I feel a little violated... but overall the experience was awesome." --- Ian Somerhalder, "The Vampire Diaries"
Written by Tracy Behr

This week's Studio Secrets:   YH takes you behind the scenes at the studio with Ian Somerhalder, Apolo Ohno, and Paul Oakenfold.

YH caught up with "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder just days leading up to Halloween (perfect timing for a sexy vampire visitor).   He shared some interesting insight as to why vampires are such a phenomenon these days, and also told us about his plans for All Hallows Eve – which we later found out he unfortunately had to skip out on this year due to a case of pneumonia.   Yikes!!  

Apolo Anton Ohno enjoyed the studio's relaxed atmosphere and really opened up, which you probably wouldn't expect from an eight-time medalist speed skater and former "Dancing With The Stars" champion.   Watch the video below to find out what he says about his studio experience – and don't forget to check out Apolo's full interview on YH to find out about his new book, Zero Regrets, plus you'd never guess how much the dude can bench press... (the number cannot be humanly possible)!

So here's a fun little tidbit if you didn't already know... Paul Oakenfold was named the "Biggest DJ in the World" according to the Guinness Book of World Records.   That's some serious stuff right there.   No wonder we were enthusiastic when he swung by the studio AND invited us to check out his set at the Palms in Las Vegas.   Uh... We're in!   Watch below for behind-the-scenes fun with Paul at the studio.

To watch the interview with Ian Somerhalder, CLICK HERE!

To watch the interview with Paul Oakenfold, CLICK HERE!