Damian Kulash of OK Go
"A hat and water would make a good rock video." -- Damian Kulash of OK Go
Written by Tracy Behr


So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley was all smiles when she came by the YH studio.   She not only had some interesting stories to tell and great career advice, but I was surprised to hear she even chooses her own wardrobe "" always stylish!

One of her favorite bands, OK Go, happened to be coming by the studio the following day, so Cat wanted to give the guys a little surprise shout out.   One of their hit songs, "This Too Shall Pass" scored a spot on Cat's summer playlist, but she had never seen the actual music video.   Of course, YH was there to change her world.   Check out this fun footage of Cat in our editing room watching one of the most amazing videos created of all time.   Oh, not to mention" ¦ YH was also on set during the making of the video.  I've seen it maybe 100 times and it still astonishes me every time.

(If you haven't seen this" ¦ you have to check it out!)

To see the OK Go music video set visit CLICK HERE


The rock band OK Go is most known for bursting onto the viral video scene with "Here It Goes Again," a choreographed dance on treadmills that was viewed by over one million people on YouTube in the first six days.   As of 2010, the original video upload has been viewed over 50 million times making it one of the top favorite music videos of all time on YouTube. Insane!

We were lucky enough to first meet the brilliant guys of OK Go on the set of their music video for "This Too Shall Pass" "" one of the most mind-boggling videos ever created (and one of my top 5).   You really have to see it for yourself to believe it, and it's one of those things where each time you watch it over and over again, you catch something new.

I was excited when OK Go came by the studio and wanted to find out from these pros what it would take to make a new video that could possibly compete with the others.   Their answer?   "Water and a Young Hollywood hat." Easy enough!   I'm taking up the offer" ¦


One of the hottest new music artists on the scene, V.V. Brown, was smart to remember that we ARE in a hotel, which means we DO have room service 24/7.

She ordered some of the finest hot chocolate, marshmallows and whipped cream delivered straight to the studio set.  Yum!   She also gave us a great acoustic performance plus a shout-out to Taio Cruz" ¦ check it out!

** Big thank you to YH fashion stylist Tod Hallman for hooking up wardrobe, provided by the following brands:  Alternative Apparel, EVER, Alkemy, Money L, LANGUAGE, OGLE, Lords of Liverpool, Superga, and Sketchers **

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