Taylor Swift penned Mean about cruel music critic

However, Swift has now set the record straight, revealing the lyrics were born from a much different place.

She says, "A lot of people think that I wrote the song about being in bullied in high school and when the song went out into the world it kind of became that. But I actually wrote the song about a critic who kept giving me really bad reviews. Like nothing ruins your day more then a bad review. And then like there's the scathing review, which is kind of past constructive criticism and it's more into like, I hate you territory, which is mean. And it really got me down. Like I started feeling low...

"Because I do get my feelings hurt. You don't ever really get thick skin for that sort of thing, well I don't at least.. and the only way I could get myself to feel semi- better about it was to sing... this song called Mean and then it won two Grammys. And now I feel better."

However, the Love Story hitmaker is glad the song struck a chord with fans and became a powerful anti-bullying anthem.

She adds, "It's not really about him (the music critic) anymore. It just went out into the world and became such a bigger thing when I got fans sending me videos saying, 'Thank you so much, high school is easier for me now.'"