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VV Brown Helps Kick Off the Holiday Season
Written by RJ Williams

When Brit songstress VV Brown first visited me in the YH Studio, she was already setting trends with her signature “VV roll” and carrying around her  “VV one-string” guitar, and now she makes up 1/5 of the Marks & Spencer campaign as an “M&S girl”, alongside veteran supermodel, Twiggy, and Australian singer, Dannii Minogue, to get the holiday season in full swing.
As you guys know, our TVs are already starting to be flooded by those commercials aimed at putting us in the shopping mood. I always look forward to seeing how creatively these commercials can get me up and into the stores, and this commercial from Marks & Spencer, one of the leading retailers in the U.K. (think the British version of Macy’s), caught my attention. Featuring the talents of our girl VV, the spot involves some slick dance numbers while re-creating some of our favorite scenes from movie musicals and music videos including Chicago and Grease, all set to the disco classic “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees. The winter holidays just got smokin’ hot!
Check out the super fun video below: