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The Best of YH 2012, PART 1 - ULTIMATE INSIDER
Written by RJ Williams
Happy New Year!
And what a year it’s been, right? Before we officially jump into 2013, I wanted to take some time and look back on all the amazing stuff that happened in 2012! For starters, we launched our exclusive YouTube channel, YHN, last January; in addition, we were on the scene for some of the hottest events in Hollywood-dom, from Sundance and SXSW, to the Oscars and Comic-Con!
Going through all the content we brought to you in the last 12 months, I had a hugely difficult time whittling it down to just a few! And even after making some drastic cuts to my list of favorite videos from the year, I was still left with a good ten! So, here is what I am going to do – this week, I will feature my Top Five favorite videos to come out of the YH Studio, and next week, I’ll post my favorite videos from the field!
So, let’s jump right in, shall we? A virtual who’s-who of Hollywood sat on our white couch in 2012, and, like I said, it was quite a task to pick just five! But here is what I think is a great mix of the sort of diverse talent that walks through our doors at the Four Seasons on a daily basis: actor Zac Efron, Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, chart-topping band Of Monsters & Men, funnymen Jason Segal and Ed Helms, and actress and singer Selena Gomez!