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Taio Cruz Has a "Hangover"
Written by RJ Williams

Have you ever had one of those mornings? You know, when you wake up in a strange house with a speedboat on your balcony and Bobby Lee in a bear suit?
Just another day in the life of a high-roller like Taio Cruz, as seen in his brand new music video “Hangover” (ft. Flo Rida). The British hip-hop star doesn’t even try to sugarcoat it – bring hungover kind of sucks! We’ve seen so many music videos that feature kickin’ parties, debauchery, lovely ladies, and free-flowing alcohol… But what happens when the party is over, the next morning? Not quite so glamorous, as Taio explains in his song and video. If you want to party like a “Rokstarr”, you have to be prepared for an aspirin-and-coffee breakfast! And Bobby Lee.
Everyone looks like they’re still having a great time, though, so I guess it was all worth it! A guy could do worse than waking up in a huge mansion filled with beautiful (if a little groggy) ladies, right?
Check out Taio Cruz’s “Hangover” below, and drink responsibly!