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Shontelle: More Than Just "The T-Shirt Girl"
Written by RJ Williams

You've heard her on the airwaves and sang along to her songs, but if you don't know the name attached to the voice, let me enlighten you...
Barbados-born beauty Shontelle is the powerhouse behind the hits "T-Shirt" and "Impossible," and we here at YH can't get enough of her. Her debut album, Shontelligence, exploded in the U.S. and overseas, and her 2010 follow-up, No Gravity, has been highly anticipated for months. She's been compared to fellow Barbadian and friend Rihanna, but Shontelle has a style all of her own. She has stated that her new album will sound completely different than her previous one – can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us!
Check out my interview with the sexy songstress which features an a cappella performance of her two biggest hits!
No Gravity will drop September 21.