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"Nightclub City" Brings YH into the Newest Facebook Addiction
Written by RJ Williams

Listen up, all you Facebook fanatics: if you love Farmville but think it's time to head from the farm into the city, check out the #1 game on Facebook right now, Nightclub City, featuring Yours Truly as a celebrity you can invite to your club!
When you're not too busy keeping up with all the latest news on Young Hollywood, head over to Facebook and check out this game. You can create your very own nightclub, customize the decor, choose the music playlist, hire a bartender and a bouncer to keep out those undesirables, put together an entourage of your coolest friends, and even invite celebs to boost your club's popularity. The more popular club your club gets, the higher your progress in the game.
Go to the Nightclub City fan page to submit ideas and vote on which celebrities you want to see partying it up in your club. Big thanks to Booyah! for including me in this awesome game - I'm absolutely addicted to Nightclub City, and once you play I know you will be too!