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Nelly Knows How To Keep It Fresh
Written by RJ Williams

I recently had the privilege of welcoming self-proclaimed St. Lunatic, Mr. “It’s Getting Hot In Herre” himself, into the YH Studio. There is a lot to be said about the man who made the phrase “shimmy, shimmy cocoa what,” sound cool, and that is why rapper Nelly gets kudos for putting St. Louis on the map.
Feeling incredibly blessed to just be in the music business, Nelly’s continued success after ten years puts a huge smile on his face. Whenever his hits come on the radio, the volume goes up; when Nelly plays in the clubs, the dance floor gets packed. As it should be! Coming a long way from dreaming about being a garbage man or a baseball player to having his hit single “Just a Dream” hang out at the top of the charts and another hot album, Nelly 5.0, under his belt, Nelly has influenced fans all over the world into stomping around in Air Force Ones, wearing facial band-aids, and bringing “pimp juice” into our vocabulary.  He continues to work hard on his music and his empire, including giving women a reason to show off their apple bottoms (no complaints here!).
Over the past ten years, Nelly has done a lot of growing within the industry and yet has stayed true to his sound and loyal to his fans. He has made quite the name for himself and is more than living up to his favorite word -- versatile.
Check my interview with Nelly in the Studio: 
And catch his latest music video, ft. Akon and T-Pain, “Move that Body."