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Highlights From YHN's First 6 Months On The Air!
Written by RJ Williams
It’s been almost six months – half a year already! – since we launched the Young Hollywood Network, our very own YouTube channel, and I have to say, it’s been quite a wild ride so far! Some of the biggest names in town have come through the Studio to contribute to our daily slate of YHN shows, and likewise we’ve hit the town to bring the hottest acts and artists to your from their own turf.  If it’s trending, we’re attending! And we’re bringing it to you exclusively on YouTube!
Some of my favorite segments we’ve shot so far involve those hip young stars that are at the top of their game right now. Stars like Zac Efron, who told us what the name of his own McDonald’s burger would be; Selena Gomez, who offered some great advice to other aspiring actors out there; and Chace Crawford, who shared with us some of his lesser-known talents! We love seeing these different sides to A-list stars, and I’m so flattered that they feel comfortable enough in our Studio to let their hair down and get so real with us. (Credit our awesome hosts as a big part of that too!)
When we’re not in the Studio, we’re out and about in the H-wood catching up with the stars in the field. We’ve been on the sets of major TV shows, in recording studios, at premieres, and everything in between! Some of my favorite away segments include: hanging out with Randy Jackson at the Four Seasons where he showed off his own watch collection; tagging along with NFL star Martellus Bennett as he tackles a one-day internship with Young & Reckless; and attending the geektastic launch of the Nerdist YouTube channel, where we got to hang with the likes of “Weird” Al Yankovic, Rob Zombie, and Chris Hardwick in their natural habitat!
Wow, if this is what we’ve managed to accomplish in six months, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. Can you?
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