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Hedley Gets Set to Take On the U.S.
Written by RJ Williams

O Canada, the country that gave us hockey, Trivial Pursuit, and the zipper can also be credited to giving the world good music. Besides Justin Bieber, FeFe Dobson, and Drake, I've become really psyched about another great musical act from our northern neighbors, the amazingly talented rock-pop-punk band Hedley.
Lead singer Jacob Hoggard, bassit Tom McDonald, guitarist Dave Rosin, and drummer Chris Crippin have such a great unique sound that allows them to stand out from the rest. These guys have done a lot of growing from the days when Hoggard made it to the top three on "Canadian Idol" in 2004. Sure, they still like to let loose and fun, but at the end of the day, these guys are having the most fun doing what they do best -- playing good music. And we're having a damn good time listening to it too!
Their singles “Cha-Ching” and “Perfect”, from their most recent album Go With The Show, are incredible in their own right but just a taste of what these guys are capable of.  With the US version of their album being newly released and their tour winding down for the holidays, I can see 2011 being a very successful year for the band, and I hope they soon find their way into the Studio!
Check out our interview with them below: