Brothers Benji Madden and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte
Good to Have Good Charlotte Back on the Radio
Written by RJ Williams

Showing up in all black and tattoos , I recently welcomed brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte into the Studio where I was treated to a mini acoustic show, discussed differences within the music biz, then and now, and their new album, Cardiology.
Coming a long ways from the days of touring with road maps, a lack of cell phones, and certainly no Twitter, Good Charlotte has managed to stay in the public eye (or ears) with great party music and catchy lyrics, like their most recent single, "Like It's Her Birthday". The media likes to portray them in a negative light, but I am here to tell you that this couldn't be farther from the truth. It was really a pleasure to be able to sit down with these guys while they talked about previous songs and the personal touches they added to the new album, like the song "1979" that Benji wrote about their parents.
Accomplishing what many artists haven't, GC has been blaring out of our speakers for 10 years now, and has made an indefinite mark in the world of music; after being busy with starting families and other adventures, the group is back to give us more with a follow up from their last album, Good Morning Revival, released in 2007. I am really looking forward to the release of Cardiology (on October 26) and happy to hear the music of Good Charlotte back on the radio!
Check out their visit to the studio below.