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Get Your Hands (and Pinkies) in the Air for Brit sensation Tinie Tempah!
Written by RJ Williams

There must be something in the water on the other side of the Atlantic, because the rate at which talented musicians are coming out of the U.K. is mind-blowing, and I can't see that changing any time soon.
22-year-old Tinie Tempah is the latest British phenom, hailing from South London, and he is a force with a microphone. It is not easy to picture him without one, although he is known to hold a mean cup of tea too (pinkies up, of course)! Tempah has definitely come out on top to secure his hold on the world of hip-hop music.
Since the premiere of his debut album Disc-Overy, and his first two singles “Pass Out” and “Frisky”, Tinie has collected multiple music awards, including two MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origin), four Urban Music Awards, and two Brit Awards (for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Single), which is not a bad start at all. Tinie is quickly becoming a familiar name, with a musical strategy to write in a familiar and relatable context. Tinie is determined to keep it at the next level, making sure his music stays relevant with the current generation and the world we're living in. He doesn’t even use a pen to write his lyrics -- according to him, “That is so '90s.” I guess it is true; people these days seem to text faster than they write anyway.
Tinie is on his way to fulfill his mission of making timeless music and aspiring to be “the voice of our culture." If he is talented enough to bring Prince William out to his shows, then he is fully capable of making his desired impact on the industry. After Tinie filled the studio with his British charm and words of inspiration to live the dream, the thought of his inevitable success in the U.S. and around the world left me confident that I won't be seeing the last of him. He is poised to be a superstar and a well-known name here in America.
Check out my interview with Tinie in the Studio to find out who his fellow musically-inclined friends of the U.K. are and how to properly make a "cuppa" tea, Tinie Tempah style: