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Foster the People's Pumped Up Road to Success
Written by RJ Williams

2011 has been the year of the People – Foster the People, that is!
Ohio native Mark Foster sure has come a long way from writing commercial jingles to make ends meet and battling inner demons on the way to industry success. Foster the People epitomizes the power of viral marketing. Mark has only just gotten his band together and was still figuring out his sound when he wrote and recorded “Pumped Up Kicks” and posted it on his Website. Once it got out there, it blew up!
As the band’s manager, Brent Kredel, put it: “He went from the guy who couldn’t get a hold of anyone to being the guy who had hundreds of emails in his inbox.”
Isn’t that the way it goes though? After signing on with Startime International, Mark and his bandmates (Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink) had a huge task ahead of them – create an album around the success of “Pumped Up Kicks”. While they were busy working on their debut record, their song was gaining some serious mainstream momentum, and by the time Torches was released in May, they already had a built-in fan base waiting for them!
And it’s only just snowballed from there. “Pumped Up Kicks” hit #1 on Billboard’s Alternative list and has gone double platinum. Awards and accolades naturally followed, the band being nominated for Best New Artist and Best Rock Video at this year’s MTV VMAs. They will definitely have much to look forward to on February 12, when they attend the Grammy Awards to find out if they’ll be taking home a trophy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and/or Best Alternative Album. Not bad for a guy who honed his skills writing short, catchy tunes for TV ads.
And just like every great breakout act, Foster and his crew found their way to the YH Studio this past summer, just as the weather and their single were really heating up. Check out the video (below) to hear Mark, Mark, and Cubbie reflect on their whirlwind success in their own words!