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Cee-Lo Green Doesn't Beat Around the Bush with Catchy New Single
Written by RJ Williams
Cursing out a gold-digging ex has never been so much fun!
Cee-Lo Green, one half of the Gnarls Barkley duo, finally has a new YouTube video for his amazing song "F**K You," which has become a viral sensation. In just two weeks, an initial video with nothing but scrolling lyrics has scored over 4 million hits.
The hilarious official video just came out and shows Cee-Lo's relationship through the years with a money-hungry heartbreaker who left him for another (richer) man. The lighthearted concept and catchy beat contrast with the NSFW language to produce a sound that you won't be able to get out of your head. And the song is great for providing closure to the end of a bad relationship.
Cee-Lo takes a stand for the broken-hearted and says "F**K You" to all the gold-diggers of the world. So if you have some negative feelings toward an ex, send them this video. Your point will come across loud and clear.
We're keeping it clean here at YH, so follow the YouTube link to check out the full uncensored video.