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Alex Pettyfer: From "Number Four" to Number One in the Near Future
Written by RJ Williams

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Alex Pettyfer in the YH Studio, and I have to say, although he plays Number Four in his new film, I Am Number Four, he is surely going to rank high amongst the Number Ones in Hollywood.
U.K.-born Alex comes from a family of entertainers, with his father being an actor and his mother a model; his half-brother James is a top-ranked tennis player (an entertainer of sorts!). Alex began his career as a child model doing commercials before he was discovered by Ralph Lauren himself at only 8 years old! (His mother threw away Lauren's card, and it wasn’t until later in life when Alex realized who it had actually belonged to.)
Pettyfer began acting at 15 and gained popularity by scoring the lead role in the British film Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, co-starring with heavyweights like Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, and Alicia Silverstone.  But he nearly missed his big break. As director DJ Caruso relayed to us, Alex walked out of the audition for I Am Number Four before he even spoke a word of of his script, standing up and declaring, “Don’t worry, I’m not right for this.” With encouragement to come back, Alex was called in two weeks later for a screen test, and before you know it, Steven Spielberg gave him the go, and the rest is history. Alex even performed 98% of the stunts and lived to tell about it. I Am Number Four is now in theatres and hit number two at the box office in its opening weekend. Go check it out!
With turning 21 on the horizon, Alex has two other major films set to hit theaters soon, including Beastly, which is modern twist on the classic "Beauty and the Beast" tale, which also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Neil Patrick Harris. Also on the slate, another  sci-fi flick, Now, which features Justin Timberlake, Oliva Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, and Cillian Murphy. He also admits to dabbling in producing because it appeals to his "control freak side"; it makes sense, as we watch the control he has over his career as it takes off.
Check out my interview with Alex below and see just how he and his nerves are adjusting to celebrity!