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A Firsthand Serenade from Secondhand Serenade
Written by RJ Williams

Over the summer, we at the YH Studio were treated to a jam session with the super talented Secondhand Serenade. Equipped with lip rings, guitars, and some great tour stories, there is nothing secondhand about their serenade.
With the release of album number three, Hear Me Now, in August, it is obvious that John Vesely (the man behind the acoustic rock band) has reason to be as incredibly optimistic as the album presents. A project that came with a little bit more growing up and adjusting to life, Secondhand Serenade’s third album is a reflection of growth. Their single "Something More" can attest to that, a smooth transition from their known heartfelt songs of past love, loss, and everything in between. 
Every song has a story, and Vesley does an incredible job at telling his. Even if the band name is unfamiliar to you, don't worry, you'll definitely know their music when you hear it, like the hit “Fall for You” from the sophomore album A Twist in My Story, which reached number 21 on the Billboard Charts. John's philosophy on artists and their craft is clearly embraced by his fans, allowing for Secondhand Serenade to be MySpace’s No.1 on the unsigned artist chart for months on end.
Check out the band's visit to the Studio below:
Secondhand Serenade is now touring; check out their MySpace page for more details.