Visualize This

Visualization.  In this photo, Robert Horry and Kobe Bryant were in a celebratory mode after WINNING, and this is what we need to see with Ron Artest and Kobe tonight after we KILL Boston.  It's not over people - VISUALIZE.

I was born and raised in So Cal, and became a die-hard LA Lakers fan at the tender age of four.  Every single Lakers game played on the living room TV, my parents would scream at the top of thier lungs each time Magic, Kareem-Abdul Jabaar, or Kurt Rambis made a shot.  No wonder why purple is my favorite color.

Years later, I find myself with the same excitement, yet same anxiety during each game.  It's time for The Lakers to get it together and get their ring back from Boston.  Even though we won the Championship last year against Orlando....this is BOSTON.  The biggest rivalry in NBA History.

Recently, I caught up with Robert Horry, Gary Payton, and John Salley.  Peep this video and see what they had to say about the series:



Now we're gonna flash it back to 2008, when I caught up with the celebs and found out if they were rooting for The Lakers or Celtics.  Bandwagon anyone??



Now it's your turn.  Do you think The Lakeshow can get it together as a team tonight?  Or will Boston humiliate us again in our home court.  Which team wants it more?

You know my vote.  WE WILL NOT LOSE.

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