Rivers Cuomo: On the Road to Recovery

I'm so relieved to learn that Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo, is on the road to recovery since his terrifying December 6th tour bus accident in Albany, New York in which he sustained internal injuries and several broken ribs.  Fortunately, he has since been released from the hospital, but the rest of Weezer's 2009 tour dates have been cancelled and others in January may be as well.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Rivers a month before his crash, and I must say this man is genius.  He was one of my favorite interviews--so personable, interesting, and just down-to-earth.  He sent me away with a big smile after, telling me he was "impressed" with my questions and that I was able to remember all of them on my own.  Check out the video below to see Rivers open up to me about his years with the band, being a style icon and a twitter junkie.