The Carter: Lil' Wayne Documentary

This week I was invited to attend a private screening of "The Carter," a documentary on the life of Hip-Hop Superstar, Lil' Wayne.  The screening was hosted by Ben Lyons, as well as Quincy "QD3" Jones (exec producer) and Adam Bhala Lough (Director).  The film was very well done, featuring an intimate and in depth look into the public and private life of Lil' Wayne, showcasing his most personal moments and giving audiences a peak at Wayne in a way that they have never seen him before.


"The Carter" showcased the fun and playful side of Wayne, as well as the dark and lonely moments that every superstar experiences. To me, some of the most interesting scenes in the film were the way he handled the press.  Having interviewed many artists across the spectrum of genres, you never know what to expect, and must always be well-researched and prepared.  You really get to see the creative genius at work in this film, learning that Wayne NEVER stops recording, and carries around a portable studio with him wherever he goes.  "The Carter" will be released on November 17th. Click here for more information on the documentary.


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