On the Scene: The PUMA Social Club LA Launch
I may not be an NFL quarterback, but I learned last night that I am indeed a professional athlete... almost as good as Forrest Gump.    I came to this realization while playing a mean game of ping-pong along side Audrina Patridge ("The Hills") and Trevor Donovan ("90210") at the launch of The PUMA Social Club LA.  The event was held at the Sunset Towers in West Hollywood where I had my birthday party two years ago, back when it was "One Sunset." You would never know it was the same spot, as  the whole first floor has been completely redesigned into a really cool PUMA lounge celebrating "vintage" social sports like bowling and darts.



While my ping-pong skills are nothing to sneeze at, I certainly made the most of the "social" part of "social sports" by hanging out in the Patron photo booth with my friend Gregory Michael ("Greek") and chatting with Jeremy Piven ("Entourage").  Once again, the photo booth was a big hit with my friends and I, but a really cool feature of the venue was the dancers.    Hollywood clubs are known for their scantily-clad box dancers, but PUMA put a nice urban twist on the concept by showcasing some amazing breakdancers  pop-n-lockin'.   They were busting out some really impressive moves; all they needed was some cardboard to make it an Electric Boogaloo-ish experience.



Dan Black killed it on the ones and twos, playing an eclectic mix like he always does. The Patron drinks were delicious, but I also had my first Pink's Hot Dogs experience.    I know, I know, Pink's is a Hollywood fixture, but I had never made it over to their stand on La Brea, nor did I understand why there is ALWAYS a line at that joint.    Now I get it, and  I may have to stop by the infamous stand, as the small bite of my friend's veggie dog I had was definitely tasty.



PUMA also had their new line on display, and I spent some time checking out the new kicks, as there were definitely some cool new designs that I could see a lot of Young Hollywood stars rocking around town in the coming months.  I'm a big fan of the hi-tops and being that I take hip-hop dance class every week, you know I gots to cop me a pair of them ASAP.  Dancers are naturally better when they have steez and a cool pair of kicks.

I wish the PUMA Social Club was sticking around for more than two weeks, as I definitely want a little more time to perfect my table tennis back swing! I will not lose. Forrest, I'm coming for you next time...

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