LMFAO Rocks Out at MAXIM

Maxim's 11th Annual Hot 100 party was a star-studded event, and is known around Hollywood to be one of the hottest parties of the year. This time, they decided to take over Paramount Studios, bringing A list talent and 100 of the most beautiful women in the world together.  Sounds like the same old same old, right? WRONG.  This year the vibe and set up was unbelieveable, and stood out from many of ther past events. Guests enjoyed hooping it up with a full basketball court, Harley-Davidson arranged for a donation to be made to the DAV/Harley's Heroes organization each time a celebrity tested a special key on the red carpet.  I had a good time listening to Jermaine Dupri and DJ Adam 12 on the ones and twos.  The music was great, and the energy on the dance floor was even better.

For me, the highlight of the night was kicking it with my boys LMFAO, and sippin on Absolut cocktails with them alongside the boys from HBO's "How to Make it in America."  Gotta love Bryan Greenberg. LMFAO kept the party fresh, as always.

The last time I hung out with them they were giving me a tour of their house in the Hollywood hills, and adorning me with the LMFAO style...literally.  Peep my chat with Red Foo and Sky Blu below, and check out Pad Crashin where the boys gave me a tour of their dope house in the hills.  They have a "panty wall" - what!??!?:

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Overall, the evening was a blast, and I definitely look forward to the next one. Maxim does it right every time.  As always, I enjoyed the festivities, the dougies...and my homies, LMFAO.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt / Wireimage

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