"No one man should have all that POWER"

If you haven't heard the "Power" remix yet, today is your lucky day.  Peeps, let me tell you...it is bananas!! Kanye drops bombs, as per usual, Jay-Z brings the heat like a big bro should, and John Legend's lends his voice to create perfection.  Swizz Beats kills it with his beat switchin skills, bringin out the switch to the old school sample, "The Power" by Snap.  Yes, they get political.  Yes, Taylor Swift is addressed.  And YES, Chelsea Handler is going to talk about the remix at the upcoming VMA's.  It's only right.

Listen below...Happy Friday!  



POWER (Remix) - Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, & John Legend by user9705567

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