I Whip My Hair Back and Forth!!

Willow Smith had me whipping my hair back and forth for the past couple months, ever since I first heard her single, through Roc Nation. Now the pint-sized powerhouse has just released the music video for her can’t-get-out-of-your-head single, “Whip My Hair.”  Her voice is so infectious, it’s hard to believe she’s only nine years old. But, she is a Smith, which means age has nothing to do with her tremendous talent. Daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow is proving that the entire family has got some serious game.

The video has Willow transforming a bland school into a splatter-painted masterpiece just by whipping her hair. While getting the other kids hyped and on their feet, it’s obvious the song is not just about the action of whipping your hair, but the attitude as well, as she sings, “I don’t let haters get me off my grind / keep my head up, I know I’ll be fine...”

Peep the video below:




She’s already been signed to Roc Nation—the record label of hit-maker Jay-Z, who’s helped artists like Rihanna and J. Cole become the sensations they are today. I’ve also followed the career of Roc Nation’s newly signed Hugo, and last week spent some time with him backstage at the Kimmel show. In addition, YH was invited to be the exclusive camera onset of another young Roc Nation artist, Alexis Jordan’s first video for “Happiness.” With such an eclectic mix of talents and genres, it’s no surprise the R-O-C signed the sassy Smith. HOV truly knows how to pick out those gems, and I have no doubt this is just the first of a lot we’ll be seeing from Willow.  I’m sure that soon we will see a bunch of random YouTube videos of fans trying to whip their hair like Willow, but no one will be able to do it as good as Miss Smith... mark my words.

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