Has Christina Aguilera Gone Gaga??

The media has been speculating for a while that Christina Aguilera has been jockin Gaga's style, and last night she released her brand new video for "Not Myself Tonight."  While the video does seem to clone Lady Gaga's sound and style, we all have to remember that Christina Aguilera has always pushed the envelope throughout her career with her edgy ways.  Of course, Lady Gaga's number one fan (Perez Hilton) blogged late last night about it, calling Aguilera "Clonetina" and introducing her video as "Gaga-inspired."

I personally think the "Not Myself Tonight" is Christina's attempt to stay relevant with the culture of current pop music.  In the video, she does channel her inner-Madonna with her "express yourself" ways - so the argument could be that she is just putting a spin on what has been there for years.  The one thing that ALWAYS sets her apart from the rest, is that voice of hers.

See for yourself , and leave a comment to tell me what you think - Team Gaga or Team Xtina?:








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