Get Hooked: Citizen Cope

What do you get when you mix an eclectic, distilled voice with blues-style guitar, folk presence, and a new age backing unlike any other? Just hit the EJECT button on my CD player in my car, and Citizen Cope is what you will find. I can't lie. I've had his newest album The Rainwater LP on repeat for a month now. The Rainwater LP, which marks Cope's fourth album "" his third being the acclaimed Every Waking Moment "" is four years in the making, and the first under his label RainWater Recordings. In the music video for the song "I Couldn't Explain Why," I see the true side of Citizen Cope's development as an artist, while maintaining his humble beginnings through heartfelt, and honest lyrics.



Rightfully progressive and diverse, Rainwater provides its many listeners (me included) with a nostalgic and powerful mix of sounds, ranging from Reggae essence and R&B beats to acoustic subtlety, and soulful lyrics. The album reminds me of a time when you would gently place the needle onto vinyl, and listen with every intention of capturing the musician's true muse. Citizen Cope's 2010 spring and summer tour will mark another milestone in this young and highly talented musician's career. Check out his tour dates HERE, and pick up his newest album. I guarantee you will have it on repeat.

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