Bush is Back!!

A while back I spoke with Gavin Rossdale on the tour bus, while promoting his solo album "Wanderlust."  In our interview, I asked him if there was any chance of a Bush comeback.  See what he had to say about it then:



Gavin just announced to Stryker on KROQ Radio in LA, that the Bush reunion is in fact happening - REALLY SOON.  The band is set to put out their first album in nine years, titled "Everything is Now," due out this fall.  Now for all the die-hard Bush fans, you can see them live, as they will perform their first live show in eight years as part of the Epicenter weekend in Fontana, September 25-26th, Joining Eminem and KIIS at the Golden State's inland empire venue.  Ticket sales info TBA.

Eminem is also doing his thing, and making a HUGE comeback.  His new single, "I'm not afraid," illustrates such a raw and real side to Marshall, that it's no wonder why the fans are responding to it so well.  I personally find the single one of the most motivating songs I've heard in a long time.  The video has such a strong message behind it and the production value is UNREAL.  Peep it right here:



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