Artist Buzz: Hugo

Imagine hearing Jay-Z's "99 Problems" covered by Jim Morrison.  Although it WOULD be dope, obviously it's not gonna happen.  Leave it up to Hugo, Roc Nation's new signee to be able to channel his inner-Morrison to transform HOV's infamous Hip-hop track into modern-age rock perfection.  I was introduced to Hugo through a friend at Jay-Z's exclusive Roc Nation Brunch during Grammy weekend, and his bad boy mysterioso made me want to dig further. As soon as I took a listen to his cover of "99 Problems," I was hooked.   Peep his video below:




Born in England but raised in Thailand, Hugo drew inspirations for his music from his spiritual journey around the world.  He has a very unique sound and style, as he is able to fuse rock, pop, blues-grass, and hip hop in a way that no one has done before.  But it was his songwriting skills that got him noticed.  Hugo wrote "Disappear," featured on Beyonce's  "I AM...Sasha Fierce,” and it was B who told Jay about him, leading to his record deal with Roc Nation. 

I recently got a chance to see him perform live at The Viper Room here in L.A., and I was blown away.  Now I know why Jay Z snagged this dude.

“I’m trying to make rock & roll in the age of hip hop” Hugo said.  He’s doing just that, and it’s only the beginning….

*Photo Credit: KC Morse

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