2010's Party of the Year: Seth MacFarlane's "An Evening Affair"

This past weekend I experienced 2010's "Party of the Year."  And everyone who attended the event, held at a private residence in Beverly Hills, would agree. "Family Guy" creator, Seth MacFarlane is known to throw extravagant parties, but this year he took it to another level. Night Vision Entertainment put together "An Evening Affair" reminiscent of "The World of Old Las Vegas,"  where having class meant men going out on the town in a suit and Fedora, and women dressed to impress in a chic dress and pearls. Seth has always been a fan of "The Rat Pack" era and he truly was able to bring it back for just one evening. 

The most amazing part of the evening was watching the live 60-piece Ron Jones Orchestra performing music from Star Wars and other classic soundtracks, while Frank Sinatra Jr. took the stage singing his father's classics. One of the coolest moments was when Sinatra Jr. sang "New York, New York" in front of a lit up backdrop of New York that made me feel like I was really on a rooftop garden party in the Upper East Side.  And if that wasn’t enough, Seth joined him on stage to perform the classics, while Cirque du Soleil members performed elaborate routines while hanging from the ceiling. In addition, the orchestra paid tribute to favorite film Back To The Future, in celebration of it's anniversary. An original DeLorean was even on-hand for guests to enjoy. 



While the “Big Apple” influences were certainly present, there were also homages to the other Rat Pack city, Las Vegas, as well.  I got to enjoy some amazing sushi, shrimp skewers, and even grilled cheese from Vegas chef Keven Alan Lee and celebs like “Entourage”'s Jeremy Piven spent the night gambling at a charity casino benefiting the spcaLA, an animal cruelty prevention organization that “Family Guy”'s Brian would certainly bark in approval for.

It was cool seeing today's celebrities like David Arquette, Paris Hilton, Kate Walsh, Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Cuba Gooding Jr., Molly Sims, and Aziz Ansari dressed to the nines in “Rat Pack” chic attire. I spent some time catching up with “Glee”'s Mark Salling, and “Chuck”'s Zachary Levi, but it was more than the company that made the night so incredible.  Even the celebs were in awe of the surroundings and calling it the “best night ever.”



Throughout the evening “Peter Griffin” got to enjoy some tasty Svedka Vodka martinis, while I sipped on champagne served by silver-clad show girls. "Peter" even confided in me that he was jonesing for one of the Camacho cigars they were passing out... although I’m pretty sure his plastic head would have melted if he tried to smoke one. By 2 a.m., when all the bars and clubs would be closing down, Seth’s place was still packed.  DJ Rick Rude spun late night tunes, and in turn, no one wanted to leave.



I can’t imagine another partying topping this one in 2010, but I guess there are still 81 days left in the year... and my birthday is coming up.

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