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We're giving you the top names in entertainment that are well on their way to hitting superstar status. Verge to Emerge introduces you to the characters and personalities you'll soon be buzzing about. These are the ones to watch. We're bringing you tomorrow's superstars, today.





Meet Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer has quickly launched herself into a number of roles, spanning from the screen to the microphone. After truly establishing herself as the title character in "Akeelah & the Bee," Keke's success is ever growing, especially with Nickelodeon's hit show "True Jackson, VP." She is also pursuing a career in music, creating major buzz for her sophomore album. Looking to explore all creative outlets, Keke is even planning on heading behind the camera to produce in the future. Whichever route she takes, Keke's sure to find a following and that's why she’s our pick for Verge to Emerge.

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