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SUNDAY MUSIC VIDS: New Kids On The Block
Written by Katie Marzullo
Look, I’ll be perfectly straight with y’all, because I like you and I think we have a good thing going here…
I was never a fan of New Kids On The Block. They first hit the scene when I was a ‘tween, so I was their prime demographic. All my classmates, girlfriends, and cousins were obsessed with them. Their songs played ad nauseum on the radio. I couldn’t escape them even if I wanted to (and I often wanted to). They just didn’t do it for me. Much like a non-drinker going to college, being the only 10-year-old on the planet who does not worship NKOTB was a one-way ticket to Lonely Town. Sigh.
HOWEVER, I was not completely ignorant of their appeal. Five young, good-looking Boston boys with some slick moves and uber-catchy songs – yeah, I see what you did there. Hell, I admit I had a soft spot for Jonathan Knight (but mostly because he has the same birthday as me). And their success was certainly no fluke. With three #1 singles and two #1 albums in a two-year span, the boys continue to get together to cut albums and go on tours every once in a while, moistening the panties of their original now-30-something fans and introducing themselves to a whole new generation who digs the boy bands of today like One Direction, The Wanted, and Jonas Brothers and also their direct descendants like N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys.  
“New” nor “Kids” are they anymore, as even little Joey McIntyre is now in his 40s, but they have definitely not lost their appeal. In fact, I would say that I probably like them more now than when I (and them) was a kid. Go figure!
So, in honor of this pioneering boy band “hangin’ tough” over the years (teehee), let’s look back on some of their classics plus peep a couple of their recents!
(Photo via WENN)
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor