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New Updates to MTV's "Scream" Include Casting Annoucements
Written by Sarah Osman
For quite some time now, MTV has been hard at work at turning the classic '90s horror flick, Scream,into a television show. There have been some recent updates to the show that suggests that it will be quite different from the film, however. For starters, the show will feature bi-curious teens, viral videos, and a “Gilmore Girls”-esque relationship between a mother and daughter. In addition, it may or may not include a masked murderer, but no confirmation on that. MTV needs to make sure it gets in those heart-warming moments first.
The network also announced who will be playing a few of those "experimental" teens, and some of the actors may surprise you. “Arrow” star Bex Taylor-Klaus will appear as the “artsy loner” (every teen drama has to have at least one of those!), Audrey, who is bound to get involved in a murder plot at some point. The show will also include a “hot English teacher” to be played by Bobby Campo, who can handle things if lessons go a little off track (oh my! -- as an English teacher, I’m not entirely sure I want to know what that means, but generally if a lesson plan goes off track we throw on a movie... maybe Scream next time?). Sharknado’sConnor Weil will play the boyfriend to Emma Duvall, who will be played by Willa Fitzgerald, both of whom are bound to be involved in a murder plot, and “V” actor Joel Gretsch will play a goofy cop -- my guess is the TV version of David Arquette's Office Dewey.
Are you excited for the new “Scream” pilot?
(Photo via FayesVision/WENN)
- Sarah Osman, YH Staff