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Got an Idea for the Next Big Film/TV/Media Project? Climb Aboard Legion M's Pitch Elevator!
Written by Katie Marzullo
A couple of months ago, I tuned y’all in to the exciting new venture known as Legion M, a completely fan-owned/funded production company that managed to raise $1 million in their first round of investments. As I explained to you then, Legion M’s goal is to give fans a voice and allow them to participate in the content-creating process, and they are going full-throttle on this with their upcoming “Pitch Elevator” series.
Indeed, some of you might have read my initial feature on Legion M only to come away skeptical. First of all, NOT COOL; I would never lie to you! Secondly, this is now your chance to be heard on a more substantial level, especially you creative types out there looking for your big break…
This weekend at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic-Con (also known as Comikaze), Legion M will be launching their Pitch Elevator – literally a full-size elevator on-site where fans will be invited to hop in and pitch their ideas for the next big film/TV/media project for a chance to win a development deal.
No, seriously, this is legit, guys.
All you have to do is prepare a 2-minute pitch of your idea, climb inside the Pitch Elevator, and dazzle ‘em! Not only might your pitch be included in Legion M’s “Pitch Elevator” TV pilot, but your idea could land you a $15,000 development deal.
“But Katie, I can’t go to LACC this weekend! Guess I’m SOL!” Chill, friend, because even if you cannot pitch your idea in person, you can still submit a video online starting October 28 through November 28. 10 finalists will be chosen to pitch their idea directly to a panel of agents and executives and receive $250 in cash, and the grand prize winner will be selected from this pool.
Really, folks, there are no excuses. $15k and a development deal in exchange for 2 measly minutes if your time? Sounds like a worthy investment to me!
Check out the promo vid below to get hype!
And be sure to visit the Legion M Pitch Elevator this weekend at LACC at Booth 402 during the following times:
- Friday, October 28 at 5pm
- Sunday, October 30 at 4pm
Good luck!
(Image via Legion M)
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor