Vegetarian singer Kt Tunstall has leaped to the defense of Lady Gaga for wearing meat-style clothing, insisting it's no different from dressing in leather.

The Poker Face hitmaker attracted criticism earlier this month (Sep10) when she posed in a bikini made from slabs of beef for the cover of Japan's Hommes Vogue magazine.

She followed up by attending the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (12Sep10) in a dress apparently fashioned from strips of red meat - and with a steak balanced on her head.

But despite refusing to eat meat herself, Tunstall can't understand why animal rights activists would be offended by Gaga's outfit choice.

The Scottish singer says, "I can't find out for sure if it was real meat or not. I eat fish but I don't eat mammals. As soon as I saw it, I thought, what is the difference between that and leather? Animals die needlessly for leather all the time.

"I haven't heard a legitimate reason why anyone would be offended by her wearing meat, except for vegans angry about animals being killed, which is fair enough."