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A teenager who was caught raiding Susan Boyle's home has apologized to the Scottish singing sensation for the "frightening episode".

Boyle was left terrified when she returned to her house in West Lothian, Scotland in January (10) to find an intruder in the hallway, and subsequently revealed the incident "scared the living daylights" out of her.

A 16-year-old youth was arrested and later admitted to a charge of theft for stealing $13.50 from the star's home.

He was due to hand over a fine of $150 to Boyle's chosen charity at a sentencing hearing at Livingston Sheriff Court on Friday (17Dec10), but was unable to pay as he didn't have enough money to cover the sum.

The judge postponed sentencing for six months to give him time to save up, and the teenager issued a statement through his lawyer, Darryl Lovie, to say sorry to Boyle.

Lovie told the court, "(My client) understands and accepts that this must have been a frightening episode for Miss Boyle. He wishes to extend his apologies to her and undertakes not to place himself in this position again. He hasn't come to the police's attention again."