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He tells the Daily News, "I almost feel like they were trying to bully me a little bit. I'm not giving back the domain name. I mean, (Internet domain registrar) Go Daddy sold it to me."

Cremer claims he received an email from Swift's TAS Rights Management, LCC last week (06Feb15), accusing him of suggesting the singer sponsored or endorsed his site.

The missive read: "The Domain Name and your use of the Domain Name are also highly likely to dilute, and to tarnish, the famous Taylor Swift trademark."

He was given three days to "relinquish the domain name", and now he has found himself the target of Swift's most passionate fans, who have challenged him over the authenticity of his story: "I got a lot of hate mail from Swift fans who just do not want to believe under any circumstances that Taylor lied to them. That's she's just not capable. That her story, that she called a 'magical twist of fate' story, could ever not be the truth. And I just feel like if I keep getting the story that was told by you (Daily News) out there, and other bits, that the truth will finally come out, and she will have to acknowledge (me)."

Swift claims she was completing a homework assignment at the age of 12 when the technician fixing her computer spotted her guitar and offered to teach her "a few chords".

Last month (Jan15) Cremer told the publication he spent two years working with Swift at the request of her parents.