SHAKIRA is lending her support to Haiti - she's planning to build a school for young Haitians who have been affected by the earthquake which ravaged the nation last week (12Jan10).

Shakira will perform on George Clooney's Hope for Haiti Now telethon on Friday (22Jan09), but she is keen to help the victims of 7.0-magnitude tremor in the future.

Through her Barefoot Foundation, the star has teamed up with the Architecture for Humanity charity to build a school after the relief effort has helped get Haitians back on their feet.

And Shakira hopes the school will mirror the success of the education facility she launched in her native Columbia, which provides teaching, nutrition and counselling for kids in need.

On her official website, the star writes, "There is a great need for immediate aid in Haiti, but also for longer-term reconstruction.

"For that reason, we are doing our small part to help Haiti rebuild and give the children affected by this disaster the chance to learn and thrive. I hope we can use some of what we've learned working in Colombia to help Haiti's children recover.

"When we educate children we empower societies, and right now Haiti needs all of our help."