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Robert Pattinson's road trip

Robert Pattinson enjoyed a rare few days of anonymity in November (10) when he embarked on a road trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Louisiana - because "no one" knew who he was.

The British hunk has shot to superstardom since landing a lead in the Twilight film franchise and struggles to go anywhere without being mobbed by devotees.

But Robert Pattinson managed to escape the craze of the paparazzi and his fan following when he set off on the long drive with two pals from England, as he made his way to Baton Rouge, where he was set to begin shooting the first part of Twilight film Breaking Dawn.

The trio stuck to "service roads" to explore the local surroundings on its journey through southern states and the actor admits it was a world away from the atmosphere he has become accustomed to living in Los Angeles.

He tells Vanity Fair magazine, "It was awesome. I went on service roads the whole time. I navigated it on an iPhone. It didn't seem like America at all. Me and my friends were the only white people."

His favorite part of the trip was being able to sit in a bar and enjoy a beer without being disturbed: "No one recognized me or anything. And I was like, 'Ah, this is really cool', sitting there eating chicken wings and stuff."

But his holiday heaven didn't last long and his oasis was soon disrupted when fans got word of his whereabouts - prompting police to show up to help control the crowds and escort Robert Pattinson and his pals back to their hotel.