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Robert Pattinson meets Jeff Buckley's mum for possible biopic

Robert Pattinson has met with late singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley's mum with a view to playing the tragic star in a new biopic.

The Twilight actor, who has recorded music for the film franchise's soundtracks, tells Gigwise.com he is interested in portraying Jeff Buckley on the big screen - even though he accepts he'll never be able to match his hero's talents.

He says, "I met his mum who's really great. I don't really think I can sing like Jeff. He was unique. Also, I can't play guitar like him either.

"It (film) would involve quite a lot of work. If someone just imitates Jeff's voice, it wouldn't be right. It's always about the script."

Jake Scott has secured the rights to make the movie.

Jeff Buckley drowned in a Memphis, Tennessee river in 1997.