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Glee star Naya Rivera was so obsessed with Paris Hilton as a teen, she persuaded her dad to buy her a pricey pedigree dog in a bid to emulate the socialite.

The actress, who plays cheerleader Santana on the hit musical series, idolised The Simple Life star and envied her wardrobe, career and even her menagerie of mutts.

So Rivera convinced her father to buy her a miniature pup for her to tote around in her handbag.

Appearing in MTV show When I Was 17, Rivera recalls, "I bought a little dog like Paris... I convinced my dad to get me a Maltese. I called around, like, to a million breeders. Oddly enough, this lady that I found was like, 'Oh, yeah, I just sold Paris Hilton a dog.' And I was like, 'Yahtzee! I want my dog from there.'

"The dog was, like, $1,500, so we had a payment plan for this dog. We literally made monthly payments on the dog. Her name is Cali. I took it everywhere with me. It was cool for like three months then it c**pped in my car."

Hilton herself has heard about Rivera's fascination and reached out to her on Twitter.com, writing, "Thanks Naya Rivera. What a cute story! Loves it!"