• Clive Standen

    "Vikings" actor uses his particular set of skills to recreate Liam Neeson's role in NBC's "Taken".

  • Powerless

    Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, and Christina Kirk give us a tour of the set of NBC's comic book comedy.

  • Bitsie Tulloch

    Actress discusses the 6th and final season of her hit NBC series "Grimm" and how she got her nickname.

  • DJ Khaled

    Rap stars like Chance the Rapper & Diddy gather to support the hip hop legend as he announces his 10th album 'Grateful'.


space"> "He comes one day a week, but I'm never in L.A. so when he comes, I'm not thinking, 'There's gonna be a pool guy walking around.' I'm just thinking, 'OK, I'm at home. Awesome! It's good to be home, let me go into the refrigerator, grab a bottle of coconut water...' and then I turn around (and he's there). It's, like, frozen. I just freeze.

"I'm wondering how long has he been behind me while I was standing there in front of the refrigerator."