Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto jumped at the chance to showcase his skills on the New York stage in new play Angels In America, because he wants to establish himself as a top theater star.

Quinto makes his Big Apple stage debut when the show opens on Thursday (28Oct10) at the Peter Norton Space, and the 33 year old admits his move away from Hollywood was a significant one.

He tells the New York Times, "This is hopefully a declaration of my intention to have theater be a much more significant part of my career from this point forward.

"I look at the work that I've done so far as an investment to that end."

And director Michael Greif is confident his performance as Louis Ironson, a man who leaves his AIDS-suffering lover when he needs him most, will lead to an influx of other theater roles.

He says, "He starts with the most extraordinary instrument for a stage actor, that incredibly expressive voice. But he also has this physical dexterity. He expresses everything fully through his body."