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Osbournes celebrated wedding anniversary sick in bed

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's special wedding anniversary plans were ruined when his wife Sharon came down with the flu.

The former Black Sabbath frontman had secretly planned to whisk his wife away to California as part of their 29th wedding anniversary celebrations last week (ends08Jul11), but Ozzy Osbourne's romantic gesture fell flat when Sharon Osbourne caught a severe cold - and passed it on to him.

Returning to her hosting duties on show The Talk on Monday (11Jul11) after a sick leave, she says, "It was meant to be a big surprise for me but I kind of knew something was going on... There was too much whispering in the house: 'Now, what time did you say you were going to be back?' And all of this...

"Anyway, a car arrived and we were meant to go to Palm Springs. And I was so sick with the flu, every time I sat up, the room was (spinning). So the car got sent away, I stayed in bed and gave Ozzy the flu."