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New Boyz lining up more collaborations with Wilson

Rap duo New Boyz are planning a series of collaborations with veteran R&B star Charlie Wilson after striking up an unlikely friendship while recording a track for the group's new album Too Cool To Care.

Teenage hip-hop stars Legacy and Ben J reached out to their manager, who also counts Wilson as a client, to set up the studio session for Beautiful Dancer and the trio got along so well, they are already lining up additional projects.

Legacy, 19, tells WENN, "Charlie is real cool, he acts like he's 19 years old! He was a fan actually, he was naming songs off the first album and he was saying he wanted to do more songs. He wanted to do an upbeat, uptempo song and everything. So yes, we are (planning more collaborations).

"Uncle Charlie's a real cool guy. He's young at heart, a real cool dude; he's just like us!"