As troubled Lohan, who is facing jail time for allegedly stealing a necklace from a California jewellery store, Cyrus joked, "Things are great... the Los Angeles courthouse just gave me my own parking spot."

When Sheen, portrayed by comedian Bill Hader, advertised a new product called Baby Urine, stating, "Got a drug test coming up? Reach for some nice, clean Baby Urine," Cyrus, as Lohan, said, "Can I get some of that?"

But the singer/actress got the biggest laughs when she portrayed Bieber on another chat show skit, which was fronted by comedienne Vanessa Bayer, who regularly portrays the former Hannah Montana star on SNL.

Cyrus used her opening monologue on the show to address the controversies she has been linked to in a comedy song.

Introducing the ditty, she said, "I'm mostly a white swan kinda girl but I've had a few black swan moments. You know I've never been arrested or anything. My scandals are more like, 'Miley and some girl were chewing on the same Twizzler; someone took a photo and now it's all over the Internet.' That may upset some people and for that I'm truly sorry."

She then sang, "There's a photo of me being kissed by a dude/And (photographer) Annie Leibovitz tried to get me nude/For those of you who think that's very crude/I'm sorry that I'm not perfect."

She added, "I never stole a necklace or got a DUI.../So what you can see a little boob from the side/I'm sorry that I'm not perfect."